We have had some lovely people and businesses that have supported us through March collecting/removing resources
and donating some lovely items to the preschool.

Chris from Yarmouth tyres very kindly donated and delivered some tyres that we plan to use in our outside areas.
Charlie (Jaimee’s fiancé) from Island Plant repairs very kindly removed some broken resources for us, made our mud kitchens
with the help of his friend Jack (Lil’s husband) and is providing pallets and making us some stands for our tuff trays.
Becky’s Dad Mike for buy us some amazing flower and herb planting pouches for both the Birth to three room and the
Foundation stage room.
Jaimee’s Dad Mike for donating some paint for us to use for our new plans.
Alex one of our children’s mums for donating some books and clothing to the preschool.
Thank you all so very much for the support.

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