Ofsted Rated – Good

Summary of key findings for parents from Ofsted inspection 29th November 2019

Overall effectiveness Good

The quality of education Good
Behaviour and attitudes Good
Personal development Good
Leadership and management Good

  • Children are friendly and self-confident, happily talking to authorised visitors about what they like to do at nursery. Children delight in the warm and friendly environment.
  • They explore the well designed and equipped rooms, self-selecting from a range of resources.
  • Children are supported to evaluate risk and explore ideas as they use large materials to construct in the garden.
  • Older children regularly enjoy time spent in the school on site. They learn the routines and expectations of the school and become familiar with the classroom environment.
  • The managers are keen and driven to build on the already good quality care and learning. They are proactive and use their self-evaluation to highlight areas for improvement.
  • The managers make strong links with the school to enable a consistent, shared approach to children’s care and learning. The managers and reception teacher of the school meet regularly to plan collaborative projects for the children as they have joint time together.
  • Managers understand the importance of staff supervisions and how they use these to monitor staff practice and identify training needs.
  • Staff feel supported in their work, which contributes to the positive environment in this nursery. They are motivated and work as a team to deliver good quality experiences for all children.
  • Staff’s planning is thorough. They develop activities based on a strong knowledge of children’s interests and what they need to learn next.
  • Managers and staff create a two-way flow of information with parents, such as an online system, emails, a website and newsletters. This provides consistent support in children’s care and learning.
  • Children develop good levels of independence and manage their self-care skills well from an early age. 
  • Staff act as positive role models encouraging children to use good manners and promoting positive attitudes towards learning.
  • Staff interact well with children and build on their communication and language skills successfully.


Ofsted Report

Please click this link to find all details from Ofsted on Little Explorers – https://reports.ofsted.gov.uk/inspection-reports/find-inspection-report/provider/CARE/119754

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