Travel & Parking at Little Explorers

Little Explorers is set in the grounds of Shalfleet C of E Primary. As such we share the parking facilities. On site there are 10 parking spaces and 2 dedicated disabled spaces. At specific times of the day the school runs a very successful drop off and pick up scheme when the spaces should be left clear.

“Drop-Off Scheme” operates each morning from 8.20 am – 8.30 am.  “Pick-Up Scheme” runs from 2.45 pm – 3.15 pm.

The disabled parking spaces are for specific children with disabilities enabling them to get safely to their cars.  This is not just for ‘drop off’ and ‘pick up’ times but includes times when children may be getting picked up from after school clubs etc. Please be very mindful of using these bays appropriately.

We remain committed to working with you to make our pre-school a safe environment for your child.


Parents/carers parking on Station Road are reminded of the legal requirement to keep the junction clear and to avoid causing obstruction by parking on the blind bend.  We also urge everyone to exercise extreme caution at busy times and show consideration to residents by leaving driveways clear.

We are able to make use of the car park area immediately adjacent to the Horse & Groom Pub car park.  Using the car park area for parking does entail crossing the main road however we have a pelican crossing which should be used at all times.

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